About MHz Foundation

MHz Foundation’s nonprofit mission is to bring international education and perspective to influential US markets through digital media programming.

MHz Foundation is in development of a project that curates and catalogs arts and culture content from around the world. Once the new site is live, MHz will serve as the curator of both international education and perspective to major U.S. markets of influence. The site will connect to and consume content from resources available in the public domain – most notably Creative Commons content and other Copyleft freely distributable content, which is derived from diverse cultures of the world.

Film & Television






Sport & Recreation


Showcasing Global Culture

The primary audience of the MHz site is a US-based and includes:

  • High schools and students
  • Colleges and universities
  • Museums
  • Art galleries
  • Students
  • Media
  • Anyone interested in the site for entertainment or educational purposes

Contact MHz Foundation

Contact us by postal mail at:

MHz Foundation
P.O. Box 26242
Richmond, VA 23260-6242
Contact us by email at: mhz@openiadvisors.com